I will be doing Telehealth until I get further notice from the OBLPCT.
Please be safe and follow the recommended guidance from the CDC, the WHO and the FDA for yourself and for our community.
With great care,
M.A. Counseling & guidance
Registered Counseling Associate, Oregon
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Navigating life in a society rife with poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia is encumbering. While these things do not ultimately determine our well-being, we are greatly impacted by them. This often creates depression, anxiety, and relationship issues that influence us in our day-to-day lives. We do not have to journey alone. Support and guidance in a comfortable, safe, and therapeutic setting can offer us the space we need to explore our inner lives, and how we have been impacted by our environment. Through this we can grow, heal, create new boundaries, learn coping strategies and create positive changes

What I do:

I believe in treating each person with warmth, dignity and respect, while upholding the professional boundaries of the counseling relationship. I work from a broad theoretical background and approach care with a systemic and non-pathologizing lens.  I also aim to empower my clients, and I understand that each individual has their own pace and path in the growth process. I encourage each client to try new approaches to mental health and voice their experiences with what is helpful and what has helped previously.

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