Ban Conversion Therapy

In the state of Oregon, sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts or conversion therapy are against the law for those 18 and younger. I am working with Oregon SAIGE and many professional groups to get a full ban on conversion therapy starting in Oregon. For more information see:

SOGICE is fraud! It is discrimination, is very harmful and is unethical.

Links to systematic reviews of Scholarly Articles about gender transition from Cornell University:

Harmful Effects of SOGICE

One systematic review of existing literature found that over a third of individuals who experience SOGICE attempt suicide, a statistic that is underreported due to those who have completed suicide (Kinitz, Salway, Dromer, et al., 2021).

Counselors are not able to practice SOGICE free of discrimination against their clients. Discrimination is proven to harm the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ individuals:

SOGICE efforts are against the Code of Ethics of the ACA and the APA. These therapies do not work, and they do not promote the health and well being of clients, it is discriminatory in nature and it is not backed by scientific research:

Click to access aca-code-of-ethics.pdf

The APA has strongly opposed SOGICE Efforts:

SOGICE is an ethical issue specifically surrounding; A1a Client Welfare, A2a Informed Consent, A4b imposing values, A7a Advocacy, C2a boundaries of competence, C5 Nondiscrimination, C7a Scientific Basis For Treatment, and C7c Harmful Practices.

Therapy is defined in ORS 675.705 Definitions for ORS 675.715 to 675.835

 (7)(a) “Professional counseling” means the assessment, diagnosis or treatment of mental, emotional or behavioral disorders involving the application of mental health counseling or other psychotherapeutic principles and methods in the delivery of services to individuals, couples, children, families, groups or organizations.

      (b) “Professional counseling” may include, but is not limited to:

      (A) Application of intervention methods based on cognitive, affective, behavioral, systemic or human development principles;

      (B) Provision of counseling services to address personal growth or wellness;

      (C) Definition of goals and the planning of action reflecting interests, abilities, aptitudes or needs as they relate to problems, disabilities or concerns in personal, social, educational, rehabilitation or career adjustments;

      (D) Research activities, including reporting, designing or conducting research in counseling with human subjects;

      (E) Referral activities, including the referral to other specialists when indicated to provide ethical treatment;

      (F) Consulting activities that apply counseling procedures and interpersonal skills to provide assistance in solving problems relating to an individual, group or organization; and

      (G) Record keeping activities, including documentation of counseling treatment, therapeutic services or clinical supervision.

It would be difficult to plan for treatment based on the definition of counseling, and would be outside of the scope of practice due to:  7B to address personal growth or wellness, or C definition of goals and the planning of action reflecting interests, abilities, aptitudes or needs as they relate to problems.

I believe strongly in the separation of church and state, and that this is enshrined in the first amendment within the establishment clause. I believe that we deserve equal protections under the law, as is guaranteed in the 14th amendment. Following that, professional speech has limitations within what healthcare professionals can recommend, that it must be backed by strong scientific evidence, and that we must follow the ethical care mandates of our profession. There is no room in our profession for discrimination.