This list is not inclusive of every provider in Portland or surrounding areas, if you know of a resource that should be added, please email me at Remember that people have a variety of experiences with providers or hospitals and my inclusion of any resource is to increase your awareness of the access to services in our current system.

Accessing Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

In Oregon, gender affirming HRT can be obtained via an informed consent process between you and your doctor. This means that you do not need a letter of support for hormonal transition.

Below are a couple of clinics who offer HRT via the informed consent process:

Outside In offers Gender Affirming Hormone therapy via Informed Consent from ages 15 up, ages 13-15 do need a guardian for HRT at that clinic.

Planned Parenthood also offers gender affirming HRT

Gender affirming Surgery

For top surgery you will typically need one letter of support, unless your insurance or provider tells you otherwise. For bottom surgery you will need two letters of support.

This is a list links to several places in the Portland Area where you can access care:

The Oregon Cosmetic and Reconstructive Clinic

Letters of Support

I provide letters of support for gender affirming care, I will also provide you with a list of other therapists who can do this following meeting.